This Minimal Metallic Coffee Table Takes Inspiration From the Simple Shape of a Safety Pin

A well-designed coffee table is the ultimate pick me up your living room needs. Once you pick the perfect coffee table, setting up your living room becomes child’s play, because you’ve already set the tone and decided on the theme with the table, now you simply need to build on it, and create a space that truly reflects you and your interior design style. I’m no stranger to beautifully designed coffee tables, I come across a gazillion different ones every week on the internet. And I do have an exceptionally soft corner for them. However, if you add Deniz Aktay’s magical touch to my favorite piece of furniture – well, then you have the perfect coffee table.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

I’ve covered a ton of Deniz Aktay designs simply because they are oh-so-simple, elegant, and yet packed with massive functionality. The simplicity will almost make you wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’, but unfortunately for us and luckily for Aktay, no one else can conjure these designs up except him. And his latest design the ‘Whisk’ coffee table is no exception to this. Aktay recently posted the Whisk coffee table to his Instagram page, around two days ago. Simple, and minimal, yet oozing a geometric exuberance, the Whisk coffee table features an artfully shaped metal tube that forms the major body of the design and transforms it into a major eye-catcher.

The simple twisted metallic form of the coffee table brings to mind the image of a whisk, which could be why Aktay named the furniture piece the same. Or if you look closer it also looks like a contorted safety pin! The interloping metallic tube supports a tabletop that rounds at one end and forms a rectangular on the other end. The tabletop fits niftily and strategically into the tube, creating elements that perfectly complement one another, and yet provide an interesting geometrical contrast as well.

Although the Whisk coffee table is a compact and small design with a minor footprint, it speaks volumes through its sharp, form, and metallic excellence. It’s the kind of coffee table that you could fit effortlessly into any part of your home, and I do believe it could work well as a side table too, owing to its minimum form.