Life-sized LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 is inspiration enough for budding automotive fans

Ferrari reincarnated a piece of history with the Monza SP1 released in 2018. The single-seater roadster revived nostalgic memories of the iconic series of cars dominating the post-war era. Fast forward to 2023 and we have a LEGO version of the naturally aspirated engine-powered scarlet racer.

The full-scale version of the powerful V12 roadster is the work of LEGOLAND Denmark as a part of the new interactive exhibit at the toy company’s Billund resort. This non-functional Ferrari Monza SP1 is fully operational in a digital avatar version wherein a 3D scan of a fully assembled LEGO model is tested on the digital version of the famous Fiorano race track.

Designer: LEGOLAND

This is not the first time a 1:1 Ferrari LEGO installation is showcased at LEGOLAND’s facility. Last year a life-size Ferrari F40 made an appearance at their California LEGO Ferrari Build and Race attraction. Now this Monza SP1 will give budding racecar fans and kids the opportunity to build the roadster piece-by-piece. The interactive Build and Race exhibition will open this summer for all to explore.  

According to the luxury carmaker, the SP1 was inaugurated by Ferrari Factory Driver Nicklas Nielsen. Even the licence plate and the side mirrors are made from the plastic bricks. Only the wheels and tires are not assembled from LEGO bricks and are the original version.

Every little detail of the LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 is captured with maximum precision and looks like a pixelated version of the real one. Just look at that intricate front grille, side pods and rear exhausts; a Ferrari fan would have loved to hop inside and drive this thing on the open highways!