Hong Kong’s LEADING Annual Design Event Is Here: Enroll NOW for the Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2023

Poised to be one of the world’s biggest, most impactful events in the design industry, the Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2023 is set to take place in Hong Kong this month. Featuring leading creative and business minds from all over the world, KODW 2023 emphasizes the tremendous potential of design as a powerful tool for driving sustainable development and positive social change.

This 3-day event will feature keynotes from experts, panels, workshops, and masterclasses from industry leaders, and the ability to network with design’s biggest names. Scheduled from 14 to 16 June 2023, it promises an intellectual and creative feast set against the bustling, vibrant backdrop of Hong Kong.

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Discover ‘The Power of Design: Innovating for a Circular World’ from 14 to 16 June 2023 at Hong Kong Palace Museum

On the first two days of the conference, June 14th and 15th, we will dive into the captivating world of design at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Nestled in the vibrant West Kowloon Cultural District, this iconic architectural landmark will set the stage for groundbreaking discussions on circular design. On the 16th, the KODW 2023 will venture into the vibrant cityscape and step into the realm of local partner studios, for off-site workshops. This ingenious addition takes the conference to a whole new level, offering participants a hands-on, immersive experience like no other.

KODW 2023 will host workshops and masterclasses led by pioneers from the Partner Country, the Netherlands, and other local and global creative leaders.

This year’s KODW is centered around the key narrative of responsible and circular design. With a strong focus on creating eco-conscious solutions, the conference underscores the role of design in building sustainable and resilient living patterns. It’s an essential call for creative minds to use their skills towards developing solutions that are not just visually appealing, but environmentally beneficial, socially inclusive, and economically sustainable.

Richard van der Laken from What Design Can Do believes design can significantly impact consumer behaviors, business strategies, policymaking, and planetary health.

The event is also a confluence of innovators from diverse fields, with researchers, business leaders, creatives, and experts from other disciplines gathering under one roof to share their insights and experiences. This cross-pollination of ideas from different spheres is what makes KODW an enriching and enlightening experience. The list of featured speakers is a veritable who’s-who of the global design community, including names like Richard van der Laken (What Design Can Do), Clint Nagata (BLINK Design Group), Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group (DIG)), Dr. Fan Ling (Tezign.com), and L. J. Kim (d’strict), Teo Yang (Teo Yang Studio), Pieter van Os (CIRCO), and Rama Gheerawo (The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art).

Sustainable design in buildings is united with responsible considerations for experience and functionality these days. (Photo Credit: UNStudio Lyric Theatre Hong Kong ©UNStudio & ©DBOX)

L. J. Kim from d’strict will spark a conversation on the power of innovative cultural storytelling to engage with local communities and democratize art experiences on a global scale. (Photo Credit: ARTE MUSEUM – GANGNEUNG FOREST (2021) ©d’strict)

Workshop and masterclass leaders include experts in circular economy, open innovation, and industrial design. They promise to deliver sessions that will challenge conventional wisdom and introduce participants to radical and transformative ideas. These workshops and masterclasses will cover a diverse range of topics, from circular design principles to the role of artificial intelligence in creative business environments, and nurturing of creative leadership, each session promises an enriching learning experience.

The event is organized by the Hong Kong Design Centre, a premier institution known for its commitment to promoting design and innovation. With panel discussions that cover subjects as diverse as preserving urban legacies, cultural storytelling, innovative branding, and curating immersive dining experiences, Knowledge of Design Week 2023 is more than just an event – It is a celebration of the power of design to shape the world as we know it. This year’s edition promises to be more exciting and informative than ever before. Enroll now and experience the future of design at KODW 2023!

Click Here to Register Now. Hurry, 50% off with promo code “KODWYANKO50”.