This one-off hotrod makes it to the finals of Hot Wheels 2023 Legends Tour!

What is time for a dedicated automotive enthusiast? Well, it’s just a number, especially when you’ve put 18 years of tears and sweat into a build. Reason enough for Hot Wheels to acknowledge the build and move it forward to the final round of the 2023 Legends Tour!

Meet Michael Scire of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who stunned onlookers with his custom-modified Camaro at the Legends Tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally purchased as a 1981 Chevrolet Camaro when Michael was just 15 years old, the classic car underwent 18 years of hand-crafted perfection into a glossy green hotrod of dreams. And just for the record, it’s 18 inches shorter than the donor Camaro it was built on!

Designer: Michael Scire

The transformation holds even more weight since there was an added layer of challenge for Michael who suffered from spine injury during the make. He was ably helped by his close friend and father to bring this one-of-a-kind classic to life. To give this cool roadster a distinctive Hot Wheels-ish vibe, he modified the front end to have a big grille and contoured headlights. The open front wheels stamp the classic Hotrod DNA onto the Camaro which otherwise flaunts a muscle car character.

The classic Hotrod influence doesn’t end there, as the modified Camaro gets six round lights at the rear and big pods on both sides get rearview mirrors. There are no doors on this one – not by chance but by choice – and for that reason, the driver and passenger need to be agile enough to hop in easily.

The Interior has also been thoroughly worked upon here as Michael choose a three-spoke steering wheel to keep the masculine theme going. The same follows down to the instrument cluster and the gear selector salvaged from a more modern ride. Just so that the riders don’t get bored, the hotrod is fitted with a Pioneer head unit. The seats of the modified Camaro have been reinforced with more cushioning to alleviate pressure from Scire’s spine which is totally understandable.

For now, Hot Wheels hasn’t revealed the full specs list of the roadster and just a few little details are known. There’s a hand-built 350-cubic-inch 5.7-liter V8 which is a part of the Small Block engine family. The choice holds relevance since it is easier to tune and exhale through a custom-made exhaust system with side-mounted outlets. Also, the automatic transmission of the Camaro has been retained here. All this suggests the hotrod will be faster than the donor car, and it’s stunning to look at after all!