This “Beanbag With A Spine” Offers A More Comfortable, Classy Alternative to its Boring Predecessor

The beanbag is almost an icon of the bachelor household. It’s cheap, comfortable, and adapts to any scenario. However, this has also tarnished the beanbag’s reputation as a furniture that just can’t be taken seriously. It isn’t classy, given that you won’t find it in the classiest of households… however Elena Prokhorova’s reinterpretation of the humble beanbag makes it the perfect addition to any swank coffee table. The Brace Lounge Chair is like a beanbag with an exoskeleton. Designed to give the otherwise ‘limp’ bag some structure, the Brace comes with a metal armature that wraps around the bag’s base and back, with harness straps holding the beanbag in place. The result is a lounge chair that’s the best of all worlds. It’s comfortable and adapts to your body, just the way you want… but at the same time, it has a unique blob-like structure that gives it a distinct silhouette, making it a perfect addition to any living room.

Designer: Elena Prokhorova

Drawing inspiration from the effortless style of the urban dweller, the Brace armchair effortlessly combines form and function to create a truly captivating seating experience. The soft seat is attached to the metal frame with the help of a belt-like accessory. To operate the chair, the user simply sits down on the soft seat and pulls the belt around the back of the frame, securing it in place with a carabiner.

The soft part of the Brace is made of foam with fabric upholstery, marking a slight deviation from the styrofoam-ball-filled beanbag. The base is made of a metal tube colored with a powder coating, while the strap that tethers the Brace into place comes made from leather, with eyelets and hooks that attach to the metal frame. The choice of fabric makes all the difference with the Brace’s aesthetic, and one could easily alter its appearance by switching between leather or velvet, or canvas, or even by alternating/swapping colors to create unique color schemes.

The Brace Lounge Chair is a Gold Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.