IKEA’s new tiny soap-shaped wireless speaker was designed to be waterproof for those shower karaoke sessions

I wouldn’t really put you at fault if you accidentally grabbed IKEA’s latest VAPPEBY speaker and mistook it for a bar of soap in the shower. The tiny device, designed for a water-friendly environment, is perfectly soap-sized, and pairs rather wonderfully with shower karaoke sessions. Pair it with your phone and the VAPPEBY literally becomes the difference between a good shower and a great one. It’s compact, but packs a punch in the audio department, so you could burst into your soprano knowing fully well that you’re well accompanied, at least music-wise!

Designer: Iina Vuorivirta for IKEA

The VAPPEBY speaker sports a charming design that takes cues from the humble bar of soap. Featuring a square shape with rounded edges and available in an array of pastel colors, this compact speaker adds a touch of whimsy to your shower experience. To complete the look, the VAPPEBY comes with a woven cord lanyard, allowing you to hang it up anywhere you please, be it on your showerhead or a nearby hook. A single button on top lets you control your VAPPEBY, switching on or off the device, and playing/pausing music.

Despite its small size, the VAPPEBY packs a punch when it comes to battery life and performance. With a playtime of 80 hours when used at 50% volume, you can enjoy countless shower concerts without worrying about constantly recharging the device. The VAPPEBY delivers clear audio, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite tunes even amidst the sound of rushing water.

The VAPPEBY’s IP67 waterproof rating means you can confidently take this speaker into the shower without any fear of water damage. But its versatility doesn’t stop there—the VAPPEBY is also perfect for outdoor use. Whether you’re hanging out by the pool, camping, or enjoying a day at the beach, this waterproof speaker is built to withstand the elements while providing you with a quality audio experience.