What is the secret behind a luxurious bathroom décor?

A luxurious bathroom offers the perfect retreat to unwind, de-stress and relax after a long day. With smart planning, well-chosen materials, and accessories, the bathroom décor can instill a rich, luxurious 5-star look. However, one must ensure that the bathroom décor reflects one’s personal taste and lifestyle. Use these ideas and tips to create a bespoke, indulgent bathroom that is an abode of ultimate relaxation.

Meticulous Planning

Design an efficient bathroom layout by segregating the bathroom into a distinct wet and dry zone. This will ensure that the bathroom remains dry throughout the day. Install a frameless glass shower cubicle that offers a seamless look and imparts a sense of openness. Invest in premium quality sanitaryware, fixtures, and hardware that can impart a luxe look. A twin mirror-sink combo is an ideal solution for shared and spacious bathrooms. One can enjoy a long soak in the tub with a freestanding clawfoot bathtub that will effortlessly transform into the bathroom’s focal point. Also, go for a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head that spells luxury or body sprays (vertical shower head) that enable one to pamper oneself with a lovely water massage. Improve the functionality of the bathroom with the installation of premium quality bathroom accessories.

Going for sensor-based fixtures and geysers or water heaters is highly recommended, which are energy efficient and can help reduce running electricity costs. Bring in natural light with frosted glass windows that impart a bright and airy look to the bathroom. Provide soothing music with a dedicated sound system that is safe from humidity.

Designer: Riluxa

Incorporate Layered Lighting

Lighting forms a key design element that dictates the feel and ambiance of the space. A fusion of soft and diffused lighting can infuse a relaxing vibe into the bathroom décor. Task lighting in the mirror can be achieved by installing wall sconces at eye level. This arrangement illuminates the face without casting shadows and is best suited for applying make-up, shaving, and tooth care. Avoid adding light above the mirror as it may cast shadows. Instead, consider ceiling-mounted light fixtures with dimmers so that one has the flexibility to control the brightness of the lights as per the occupant’s mood. Install a chandelier or a cluster of pendant lights in the center of the bathroom ceiling to amplify the sense of grandeur. Introduce recessed directional lights that accentuate and provide focused illumination for highlighting an architectural feature or a piece of art.

Designer: AB Architects

Use High-end Materials

One can achieve a high-end luxurious look using exotic stone for the walls, flooring, and countertop. Italian marble is one of the most preferred luxurious materials that oozes opulence because of its dramatic veining patterns. A neutral-toned or white color marble can impart a luxurious and spacious look. In addition, one can opt for marble-look tiles, as they are a budget-friendly way to achieve a similar look without breaking the bank. Some of the best options include onyx, quartz, and granite.

Designer: Yousupova Design Studios

A Statement Mirror-Sink Unit

The mirror-sink unit forms one of the most critical design features of the bathroom that can instantly elevate the look to a whole new level. One of the easiest ways to infuse instant glamor is by integrating backlighting behind a raised mirror frame. Unlike wall-mounted lights on either side of the mirror, backlit mirrors offer detailed reflections and even light distribution around the mirror. It evokes a sense of subtle elegance and creates the illusion of a larger space. Incorporate organic and curved shapes as they can infuse softness and convert this private space into a plush retreat.

Designer: Im Designer Studio

Introduce Plants

Nature instantly calms the space, so beautify this private retreat space with potted plants and pebbles as they add color, personality, and a sense of character to the bathroom interiors. They offer respite and a plush space for relaxing. Green plants are lovely to look at, have excellent air-purifying properties, and create an oxygen-rich space. Some of the best plants for the bathroom are aloe vera, Boston fern, snake plant, areca palm, and money plant, to name a few.

Designer: Irina Kazantseva

Embrace Color and Pattern

Energize the bathroom’s look with a splash of color and create a bright statement wall with colorful marble and patterned tiles. This will elevate the face of a neutral-toned bathroom and infuse character into the space. Patterned tiles form a dramatic focal point and add visual texture to the bathroom décor. Aim for classic patterns that create an attention-stealing detail with an enriching appeal.

Designer: Julia Buza

Create a Clutter Free Space

A bathroom will look messy if there is clutter and no dedicated space for hanging towels and robes. Install a towel ring on one side of the sink and a hook for hanging the robe. Add personality to the décor with clever built-in storage space. Keep the clutter tucked in drawers and cabinets so they are out of sight and create the illusion of a larger area. Keep away all the hairdryer’s toothbrushes, curling irons, and electric razors. A well-designed cabinet will merge form and function and add to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. If space permits, incorporate a niche to keep the toiletries.

Designer: Alina Rudyk (33bY Architecture)


Decorate the bathroom with strategically placed artwork or a mural to give the interiors a more curated look. Incorporate metal accents that can add a lot of sparkle and sophistication to the bathroom décor. It is a great way to add a personal touch to the bathroom interiors.

Designer: Luxxu

Create a Spa-like Ambience

Take the less is more route to create a spa-like bathroom with a luxurious vibe. A relaxing spa-like atmosphere can be achieved with a neutral color palette that creates a feeling of openness. Natural materials can infuse warmth and a rich organic feel. Stock up on sweet-smelling fragrances, scented candles, potpourri, or a diffuser with essential oils like lavender, jasmine, and rosemary that have therapeutic properties. Decorate the countertop with a tray or wicker basket, neatly folded hand towels, and handmade organic soaps. A simple vase with fresh flowers can also add life, fragrance, and vibrancy to the décor.

Tip: Take the décor to a different level by making provision for glass, wine, and nibbles without coming out of the tub.

Designer: Emily (OurSouthwestNest)

Introduce Tactile Elements

A luxurious bathroom takes an extra step to combine luxury and functionality. Create a tranquil sanctuary and immerse yourself in a sensory experience with the subtle use of textures and tactile surfaces like wood, stone, and pebbles. Soft textiles like fluffy towels, doormats, and rugs can improve the bathroom’s appearance. Consider premium quality organic Egyptian cotton, as they are fluffy. Maximize comfort with a plush sofa or chair that will help you to enjoy secluded privacy and ensure optimal relaxation before or after having a bath. Make a statement and ensure privacy with luxurious window treatments. Beautify the space with rugs and mats that provide a warm underfoot, as the flooring can turn cold during winter. The soft fabric should be resistant to humidity and moisture.

Designer: Mastella

These insightful tips will help create a calm, cozy, indulgent space. A luxurious bathroom will effortlessly transform into a perfect getaway that allows some private me time and isolated relaxation.