This retro-futuristic headphone stand puts a mesmerizing light display on your desk

Even with the rise of wireless earbuds, many people still prefer the more immersive audio experience provided by conventional headphones, whether wired or wireless. Different people will have different reasons for using these larger accessories, but almost all of them share a similar problem of not having a good place for them when not in use. Headphone holders or stands are nothing new, but most of them share the same design of having the headphones hang on a hook, forcing it to be balanced on a single point of the band’s arch. While such a design isn’t completely bad, especially for those aiming for minimalist aesthetics, it isn’t exactly inspiring and probably not the best way to show off your favorite audio accessory. It would definitely be swell if the headphone stand could also do something else other than, well, standing in place, and that’s the kind of visual appeal that this unique desk accessory brings using not only premium materials but a little play of light as well.

Designer: Sergii Grebeniuk

Headphone holders tend to hang the audio accessory a little above a table or shelf. The most common way to do that would be to hang it by a hook, but this leaves the headphones dangling almost precariously by a small piece of metal, wood, or plastic. It might even cause the headband to deform over time due to gravity, which isn’t a good way to take care of your favorite pair.

These LED headphone stands solve that problem by letting the headphones rest on a circular structure that follows the contours of its curve more naturally. The stand looks almost like a miniature and flat head, giving the resting headphones a more familiar yet characteristic look. The main body is also made of eco-friendly high-quality wood with a variety of veneer finishes that make the headphone holder stand out easily, even in its inert form.

Its true killer feature, however, is what sits in the middle of that “head”, a circular lantern with LED lighting that acts as the centerpiece and center of attraction. The colors of the LED lights can be changed to one’s tastes or, alternatively, have the lantern automatically cycle through those colors. Engravings on the front and rear glass surfaces of the lantern create wavelike patterns that further enhance the visual effect of the lights, making the stand look like a retro-futuristic product rather than a normal desk accessory.

Because of the lantern’s mild light, this LED headphone stand can also function as a night light for your room or accent light on your desk. It’s definitely an interesting design that elevates your headphones, literally and figuratively, while also functioning as an enchanting piece of decoration, even when your headphones aren’t resting on them.