Sleek Hitachi-inspired shower heater concept simplifies the process of getting hot water

When you take a shower in a hotel or an Air BnB, you rarely think about the design of your shower heater. All you care about is that it works and that you figure out how it works. There are a lot of times, at least in my experience, when I just open the shower and wait for the heater to do its thing. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to work with a cold shower as I have no patience to tinker with something that might just figuratively (or literally) blow up in my face.

Designer: Sinan Anayurt

This concept for a Hitachi New Shower Heater might be able to solve that heater problem. Not only is it designed to be unobtrusive and simple enough to use, it also aims to bring the simple Japanese aesthetics of minimalism with a priority on safety. And hopefully, it will just give you the right amount of heat that you need without you having to solve complex design problems.

The heater has a central circle which is the main “hearth” and is connected to the power button and the knob that determines how hot or cold the device should give you. The circular form and the convex shape lets the water flow over the heater. It also has a back design that is able to hide the piping details and gives you a slimmer heater that should not get in the way of your other bathroom activities.

The design for the new shower heater also makes sure that it is safe enough for your bathroom since it’s waterproof and will not put you in danger of electrical shock. The designer also says that the production is easy and the heater is slim enough to minimize the materials needed, therefore saving on costs and waste.