Hey, do you have a Condom on You?

With that question asked, most people are embarrassed to say yes. Now you don’t have to be. XYXX is a new design of Condom cases. Pulling the XYXX container from your pocket or purse will be pleasurable in more ways than one. Just to have the opportunity to show off this stylish, 6cm by 3cm by 1cm condom case will make you all proud and those who do not have one quite envious. Named for both the female and male chromosome, XYXX is small enough to carry a condom in your back pocket or in your purse for those moments of passion that needs protecting.

Designer: Jason Rubino

This is what the condoms would look like.

This is the carry case for the condom its dimensions are approx 6cm by 3cm by 1cm. Its designed to be carried in your pocket or in your hand bag to become part of a persons everyday items like a wallet, set keys or phone.

This is the case when it is slid open. Its sliding mechanism works on the same basis as a mobile phone.

This is the packaging for the case. On the left is the case with extra condoms and on the right is the instructions and story about why the device was called xyxx. The two pieces screw together to form one round package.