This collection of sustainable tables was built from a sea plant and named after mythological Greek sea nymphs

Tables are often underestimated when in reality they can add a whole depth of personality and character to your living space – whether it’s a great coffee table, a nifty side table, or a console that will hold your favorite souvenirs. But finding the right table can be a task. Luckily we came across a cool collection of tables called Oceanides. Designed by Alexia Mintsouli for UK studio Alexa Mint, Oceanides is a collection of tables made from sea plants and marble.

Designer: Alexia Mintsouli for Alexa Mint 

The innovative collection includes a square coffee table and two round side tables. One of the side tables features four legs, while the other features a solid base. Peloponnesian Tortora marble was used to craft the base and legs of the table, while the brown-colored tabletops were built using a sea plant that imparts the table with a natural pattern variation.”The top of the tables are from the sea plant Posidonia Oceanica, one of the oldest living organisms on Earth,” said Alex Mint. Until recently, the sea plant was disposed of as waste, but now it has a newfound purpose.

“In order to make living spaces greener, we are exploring the potential of natural materials in the creation of eco-friendly, modern furniture. We try to follow the ecological guidelines by using eco-friendly, local materials and collaborating with Greek craftsmen to eliminate the energy consumption that goes into transportation,” continued the brand. The Oceanides tables are heavily inspired by the sea breeze, and they were all designed with an aim to promote sustainability and earth preservation.

The eco-friendly tables are designed to be not only sustainable but luxurious as well, and they are driven by the brand’s love for all things sustainable. The local Greek craftsmen were involved in the process, hence giving the local economy a boost as well. The story behind the name ‘Oceanides’ is quite interesting as well. The name was inspired by the sea plant that was used to build the tables – Posidonia Oceanica. And according to Greek mythology, the Oceanides were mythological sea nymphs, daughters of the Titan Oceanus, the great primordial world-encircling river, and Tethys, a sea goddess.