This stool and side table set can be interlocked together like a pair of LEGO blocks

There’s just something about a smartly designed piece of furniture, that can meet a number of needs, that ticks all the checkboxes of me. And if they also manage to be space-saving, and somewhat transformative, that’s some additional brownie points for them. Since space constraint is a legitimate real-time issue in most modern apartments today, it’s become almost imperative to search and seek out functional, ergonomic, and compact furniture designs for our homes. And a furniture design that I recently came across, that would be an excellent addition to your contemporary homes is ‘The Cube’.

Designer: Mirlay Özlem ER

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Designed by Mirlay Özlem ER, the Cube or the Cube Hobby Space is an ingenious design that comprises of a stool and side table, that have been craftily interlocked together, and can be separated to use individually. The design basically consists of two furniture pieces – a stool, and a side table. The two pieces have been configured together to function as small and cozy nooks for users to engage in their hobbies, or even get some work done. Both the pieces can be nested together, or placed on top of each other like LEGO blocks – making it super easy to store them away, assemble and disassemble them.

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The stool is rather small and compact but seems comfortable enough. Besides functioning as a seating space, it has been integrated with a storage section below and on the left-hand side as well, these can be used to store magazines, books, stationery, and any other equipment you may require for work, or carrying out your hobbies. The side table or small desk on the other features a simple tabletop that seems suitable for a couple of hours of work. When you’re in the mood to work or engage in some arts and crafts, you can simply remove the Cube from storage and set it up. Once you’re done using it, you can glide the table on top of the stool, fitting them together, and keeping them away as a single piece of furniture.

Mirlay recommends using the Cube to conduct your hobbies, however as mentioned, it can be used to work, but I don’t think it would be suitable for long durations. It seems okay to use if you have to finish up a small task that doesn’t require much time, or else it could become uncomfortable to sit on the Cube for longer.